Vision and mission


To be a premier professionally managed institution that provides an environment which nurtures excellence, holistic growth and prepares students for a knowledge-based society and a global economy by developing life-long learning skills.


To be a professionally managed institution, equipped with a well-designed quality management system that empowers all stakeholders – teachers, students and parents.

To create a student-friendly learning environment, having innovative learning practices that draw out the best in every student

Our Objectives

To encourage our students to develop a passion for learning

To provide unparalleled academic excellence, based on solid values

To help students imbibe a strong sense of responsibility towards self and society at large and help them realize the role they need to play in order to build a better and stronger society

To make students aware of their rich cultural heritage

To help every child become an extraordinary human being, with a strong sense of confidence and self belief

Achieving academic excellence through a scientifically planned curriculum and assessment system.

Building competencies through participation in competitions, and various cultural and literary programmes.

Acquiring keen interest in sports and appreciation of the same through multifarious activities.

Inculcating a spirit of social responsibility through community projects and outreach programmes.

Creating sound self-awareness through exercises for self-analysis and goal setting.

Developing emotional and spiritual well-being through exposure to real life situations.