Middle school

Growing through social interaction, taking on responsibility and moving in the direction of self-discipline.

The Middle School – Grades V to VII challenges learners with a broader curriculum to lay the foundation for the High School Academic Programme. Study skills are honed, concepts taught are thoroughly grounded, group work and interaction with classmates cater to growing social awareness.  Resourcefulness and commitment to work are encouraged.  Induction into the House system helps to inculcate loyalty and team spirit. Use of the well-stocked Library at each school for project work enhances habits of self-study. The spectrum of extracurricular activities gives scope for talents to surface in Theatre, Music, Art, Dance, Games and Sports.  Each student’s talent is channelized through a range of hobby clubs.  Field trips and excursions are organised.

Test and Examinations now become a part of the assessment methodology and parents are kept appraised of the child’s academic progress and are welcome to interact with teachers.

Maximum growth for each learner is the professed motto at this level.