Academic Curriculum

The School has always stood for and promoted the principle of high levels of academic excellence.
High academic standards maintained right from lower classes until the students leave the school, have enabled them to face the challenges of the outside world confidently. We keep pace with the fast changing developments in the field of science and technology, mathematics, humanity and information technology to help our students stay on top.

A Curriculum that focuses on maximum growth for your child

Elementary education is the basis for the child’s future and determines his/ her success in life. At SPES, we believe that children must receive a thorough grounding of whatever concepts they learn and that this learning has to be integrated with life. The motto of the school is, ‘maximum growth of each learner’.

Therefore, all Presidency Schools have a self-designed curriculum, which has evolved after years of research and expertise. The curriculum is based on a Thematic or Integrated approach to studying.